Electric Guitars

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The best feeling in the world

The electric guitar is probably the most cherished instrument of all. And it is easy to understand why. The feeling of power, pleasure and happiness that an electric guitar gives is incomparable. If you don't play it yet, it is already time to become a 'fanatic'.

In our catalog you can find cheap electric guitars with an amazing quality and fully functional for the studio or live, as well as high-end guitars built by the best luthiers and with the best materials for the most demanding guitarists.

Which electric guitar should I choose?

At Fanatic Guitars we believe that there is an electric guitar model specifically designed for every guitarist in the world. And for that reason you have to know how to choose the ideal model according to your needs. In our catalog you can filter your electric guitar by the most common options to take into account: the brand, the type of guitar, whether it includes a case or not, etc.

In addition, in the technical sheet of each of our electric guitars you will find more essential information such as the type of woods, the size of the neck or what pickups it comes with. If you need recommendation or advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are professional guitarists who will gladly answer your questions.

Why buy at Fanatic Guitars

We have been selling guitars for decades. We are truly passionate about this world. All kinds of brands pass through our hands, both new and vintage: Fender, Gibson, PRS Guitars, Strandberg ... We are also official importers of some of the most prestigious brands in the world, such as Tom Anderson or Echopark. We demand the best quality from all the brands we work with and that is why we proudly affirm that, if we sell it, it is because it is good.

All our electric guitars have a 2-year guarantee (extendable according to the brand) and 14 days of return if you are not convinced. No commitment, no explanations. We just want to make sure that the guitar you get is going to make you happy.