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Where to buy guitar picks? At Fanatic Guitars!

You cannot miss one of the most basic and most useful accessories in your arsenal: picks. At Fanatic Guitars you will find all kind of sizes, colours, materials and shapes, so that you always find the one that best suits your way of playing and your taste. In addition to individual picks you will also find practical packages with various picks with interesting discounts.

Which pick is best for my guitar?

When choosing a pick for your electric, acoustic or bass guitar, we must basically take into account our way of playing, what we are going to use it for (solos, strumming, etc.) and finally, the pick's shape, thickness and material.

The first and fundamental thing to take into account, then, will be our way of playing, since depending on our purpose, there is always an ideal pick. That is why the first thing to do is define what I am going to use it for: To do solos? For strumming? Am I one of those who plays very loud or rather soft?

As a general rule of thumb, the louder we play, the thicker the pick should be. Especially if we play the bass, since the strings of this instrument are also thicker and can split a pick of 1 millimeter or less. There are cases in which we play loud but we need thinner picks, mainly when strumming, in which case picks with a thickness less than 1 millimeter are better.

In addition to the thickness, the size of the pick must be taken into account: the smaller, the more difficult it will be to grip, but on the other hand it leaves more finger exposed, which allows you to perform harmonics more easily. And not only the size, but the shape of the pick also influences the sound and the playing. It mainly affects the grip (the way we grip the pick) but also the sound because of the attack when hitting the strings. For example, there are picks with a kind of ring that goes on the thumb and they are designed specifically for fingerpicking.

And finally, you also have to take into account the material. Although the vast majority are made of plastic, they are different types of plastics, which, together with their thickness and shape, also give their particular sound: some are warmer, drier, with more or less attacks, etc. Although fewer, there are also picks made with other materials, such as wood or even animal bone.

If you get lost among so many options or have any questions about what type of pick is best for your instrument, do not hesitate to contact us, our team of professional guitarists will be happy to give you a hand.