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Distortion / Overdrive Effects Pedals

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The distortion is the mother of all effects in modern rock, metal, or even modern pop. To be clear: the distortion is nothing more than a deformation of a pure sound, an alteration of a clean and clear signal. Distortion works differently in tube and transistor amplifiers, since it affects different types of harmonics and generates a radically different sound.

A soft distortion allows certain dynamics (more accentuation, more softness in the notes...) so virtuoso guitarists tend to prefer moderate levels of distortion in order to print their stamp and to distinguish more nuances. On the other hand, a stronger distortion can help to gain presence in bass (perfect in metal rhythms) or make the sound more "dirty" intentionally, exaggeratedly enhance the highs...

Overdrive: The difference between the types of distortion is in the enhancement and alteration of the different harmonics. It means that the sound is more "dense" than in a rhythm guitar, but it still sounds very definite and quite clean. An overdrive is a soft effect, a wave distortion that affects the second harmonic but not the third, so the wave still resembles or reminds the natural wave.