Guitar repairs

Our guitar technician can deal with virtually almost any type of repair your instrument might need, regardless of the type of instrument (electric, acoustic, Spanish or bass guitar). In our workshop in Barcelona we use the most advanced guitar repair techniques so that you can continue enjoying your instrument as long as you want. We offer from basic adjustments (truss rod adjustment, intonation, etc.) to a more complete setup, such as repainting, replacement of frets and hardware or electronic changes.

In addition, during this repair and adjustment process, we will advise you free of charge on how to get the most out of your instrument, from which type of strings are the best to which type of adjustment meets your needs as a musician. We care about keeping your instrument ready to be played, with the highest possible performance, and adapted to your needs. A good fit of your guitar is so important that a simple variation in the position of the pickups or the height of the strings can totally change the sound of your instrument and, more importantly, the playability. That is why we are concerned that the setup fit your needs.

We also repair and restore vintage guitars

At Fanatic Guitars we not only have specialists in each of the areas of instrument restoration: nourishing the wood, humidity control, cleaning of electronic components, etc. We can also provide original spare parts from the period of origin (NOS), or second-hand. Our vintage instrument restoration and maintenance services will ensure that your instrument does not change over time, and its value remains intact, as well as its sound and main characteristics.

If you need to repair or adjust your instrument, just call us and we’ll do our best to help you.