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About Strandberg Guitars

We’re official dealer of this brand from Uppsala, Sweden, which handcrafts its headless guitars with an apparently "bitten" body.

If you have a Strandberg, you do not have a normal guitar: this brand represents ergonomics, usability, quality, innovation and design.

Strandberg Guitars are committed to innovation and quality since 1982. That is why they continually strive to find new solutions that respond to the needs of the different guitarists. In fact, its innovative process is completely public and is documented online with graduates under Creative Commons Share-And-Share-Alike 3.0 Licensing.

What we now know as Strandberg Guitars, was born as a 2007 project called Ergonomic Guitar System (Ergonomic Guitar System) powered by Ola Strandberg. The innovative designs of the brand's founder quickly gained momentum through various online forums and they soon acquired their own patent for their curious EndurNeck ™ neck shape.

One of the basic premises of this brand is that they are convinced that not only does the sound of your guitar or its remaining components matter, but also how it makes you feel.

The most important thing for them is you to be inspired by playing their guitars.

That’s why they have designed the components of their instruments with the best materials and have eliminated all the characteristics of energy in the vibration of the strings.

A different guitar - discover the anatomy of a Strandberg

  • Low weight. They reach the perfect balance by eliminating the weight of the head. Your guitar is light and, however, remains balanced. You can play more comfortably for longer.
  • EndurNeck ™ patent. It will allow your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. The extra length on the bass side sustainers, and the shorter treble side makes bends easier.
  • Scale lengths adapted to you. The fanned frets and patent pending Endur-Neck ™ make your wrist stay relaxed. The extra length on the side of the tombs improves your sustain.
  • Versatile body shape. For multiple positions andmaximum comfort and versatility. Perfect for any playing style.
  • Materials of the space age. The search for low weight and high performance made the choose aeronautical grade aluminum and carbon fiber as integral parts of the construction.
  • Their own hardware. The tailor-made Strandberg hardware is a key component of the sound of these guitars. The incredibly lightweight aeronautical grade aluminum effectively transfers vibrations to the wood.