PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars is one of the largest and most prestigious electric guitars manufacturers in the world. Their exclusive designs are worshipped by a multitude of top guitarists, like Carlos Santana or John Mayer. From their high-end custom shop models to their more ecnonomical SE Series, we offer best prices and total warranty.

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From its headquarters in Stevensville, Maryland, PRS Guitars is one of the largest electric guitars manufacturers in the world. Founded by luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985, the brand obtanined high prestige especially because of its American custom shop instruments. In the 90’s PRS started a new series of cheaper guitars manufactured in Asia, the so-called SE Series, in which price range is much more competitive than other big manufacturers. Among the top guitarists who play their prestigious instruments we highlight the great Carlos Santana or recently John Mayer, both of whom have their own Signature model. To learn more about his techniques and philosophy, do not miss the Paul Reed Smith’s interview that we recorded in a PRS Guitars dealers meet up in 2017.

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During 20 years selling guitars, we have obtained big experience in PRS Guitars because it is one of our favorite electric guitar brands. Thus in fanatic Guitars you will get the best purchase guarantees, as well as the minimum internet price. We offer personalized customer care, post sales service and low shipping cost.

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