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About Tom Anderson

This small American company was born in Tom Anderson's garage in southern California in the mid-1980s.

Some people like to call their guitars "the best guitars on the planet". From their humble beginnings to the present, Anderson Guitarworks have dedicated themselves to the tradition and progress of electric guitar design.

Its process begins with the creation of the most precise and comfortable bodies and necks possible, choosing the best and most attractive woods of certain sawmills.

Its design and manufacturing process uses the best of traditional and modern craftsmanship. Innovative CAD technology is used to achieve the most demanding tolerances found in the guitar industry, while carpentry with fine details and attractive finishing are done with the hands of a master.

The final process is the union of all the precise pieces of the correct way to allow that each guitar reaches its maximum capacity of reproduction and sound. What does this all mean? The result is a guitar of unparalleled quality. Any of its models has the same level of excellence.