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Are you thinking about buying an ukulele?

The ukulele is the most popular stringed instrument in recent years. Its growing success comes not only from the new wave of neo folk coming from the United States, but also from the fact that it is a versatile, lightweight, easy to play and very economical instrument.

Ukelele or Ukulele?

Both expressions are correct. They are two language variants of Hawaiian.

Which ukulele should I choose?

There are 4 different ukuleles, from minor to major they are: Soprano, Concerto, Tenor and Baritone. Whether you choose one and not the other will depend on several factors such as size or sound.

  1. Ukulele Soprano: This size, also called ‘standard’, is the smallest and what we know as the most common ukulele. It is the most used size in the world and is also the cheapest and the one with the sharpest sound. Ideal to accompany your voice.
  2. Ukulele Concert: It is a little bigger than the soprano ukulele and slightly more comfortable to play. Its larger resonance box size gives you more volume.
  3. Ukulele Tenor: It is used a lot for fingerpicking. Its frets are further apart, so it facilitates fingering and chord formation. Its larger resonance box size offers more volume, with  a more pronounced bass.
  4. Ukulele Baritone: This is the one with the longest scale length and is tuned in G6. The baritone ukulele coincides with the first 4 strings of a guitar, so if you are a guitarist, you can adapt much better. Its bass sound is quite distant from the idea we have of ukuleles.

Ukuleles for children

For many, the ukulele is an ideal instrument for learning how to play. It is perfect for beginners and children. Why? Because of its small size, economic price and ingenious learning curve. Starting directly with the six strings of the guitar can be scary. That’s why the ukulele is a good choice.

Tuning the ukulele

The most common tuning for ukuleles is from the fourth to the first string, sol, do, mi, la, with all notes in the same octave. It is called standard or in C reentrant.

Looking for a place to buy ukuleles in Barcelona?

At Fanatic Guitars you can buy ukuleles for beginners as well as professionals. The most successful brands are undoubtedly the Hawaiian Leho and Mahalo, which have very economic models, as well as different ranks or tessituras (soprano, tenor ...). However, if you find it difficult to choose, contact us and we will advise you as good as we can.