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Find the best guitar pedal for your guitar

Is there anything more fun and creative than building your own guitar effects chain? When you have the basics - guitar, amp, and nimble hands - it's time to sculpt your sound. And that is precisely what effect pedals for guitar are for: endless possibilities that will not only improve our sound, but also make it unique.

To facilitate your search, at Fanatic Guitars we are specialists in the sale and import of pedals from the United States and other European countries that we know offer the best possible quality. Every year at the California NAMM show we pay attention to all the new devices and personally test them with the utmost care in order to offer and recommend the best guitar pedals to our customers.

Which guitar pedals to choose?

In this section you will find all kinds of guitar pedals, from overdrives to reverbs through delays, fuzz and many others. There is so much to choose from that you can get lost. That is why at Fanatic we have professional musicians who will gladly advise you to find the one that really suits what you are looking for. So don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.