Spanish Classical Guitars

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The rise of rock in the 20th century excluded classical guitar from popular music and has been since then mostly played in classical or folk music. But whatever your musical style is, there are strong reasons to have one of these guitars in every guitarist room. Its sweet and natural sound is very pleasant. Playing nylon strings is nicer for your fingers. And because of these soft strings, the neck needs less pressure and therefore the bracing is lighter, increasing the comfort and playability.

Although they may be more difficult for beginners because of the wider neck, they are actually an excellent choice for students because its width helps to widen and exercise the hands. Reduced 1/2 body size is a good choice for practising, while 3/4 and 7/8 are recommended for older children and adults. If you need to amplify your sound, choose an electrified model.

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There are classic guitars whose price is below their features, so a cheap classical guitar does not always mean bad quaility. The choice will depend on your need. if you need help choosing your guitar from Spain, our experts will be glad to advice you.

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