Fuzz Pedals On Sale

What is a fuzz pedal?

If you’re looking for a very elegant guitar tone, a Fuzz pedal is the perfect answer. Fuzz pedals belong to the same family as the boost, overdrive and distortion pedals and were very famous during the psychedelic rock era of the 60s.

Largely analog, Fuzz pedals have a rougher tone compared to their close counterparts. They would be something like an exaggerated overdrive, with a greater distortion in the waveform, which means that there are more peaks in the various harmonics.

We are talking about the oldest kind of saturation pedals. Conceived in the 1960s, the first Fuzz pedals used germanium transistors, known to produce warm, medium-focus tones. And although germanium pedals are still manufactured, silicone pedals are now the norm. As a more reliable alternative, these transistors provide better longevity and consistency, offering a brighter tone with more gain and saturation.

Fuzz pedals can thicken the sound of your riffs or solos, producing a thick, harmonic-rich sound. Surely the models that ring a bell are the Fuzz Face used by Jimi Hendrix or the Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI used by Carlos Santana. Take a look at our offer!