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What does a delay pedal do?

The delay effect is the multiplication of a sound signal. The result is the well-known sound echo effect. That is to say: the delay copies our original signal and reproduces it a few moments later, recreating the typical echo sensation.

The most interesting thing about having a delay pedal is being able to decide how long it takes for the signal to repeat itself. But there are also other curious aspects, such as deciding the number of repetitions and the volume of those repetitions.

The three basic characteristics of delay are:

  • Delay time: is the time it takes for an echo to occur, usually measured in milliseconds or synchronized to a tempo.
  • Feedback: it is the number of times the sound signal is repeated between any value or to infinity.
  • Mix Level: This is the amount of delayed sound that is mixed with the original signal.

hat is the best delay pedal for me?

Now that you know a little more about the basics, when buying a delay pedal we recommend that you first set a maximum budget. Obviously, the more we can invest in the pedal, the more quality it should provide us, but it is not necessary to spend exorbitant amounts either. At Fanatic Guitars we always work with the best brands to ensure that the quality of the effect and the build quality are the best possible, so you not only get good results, but durability, which is also very important.

If you have questions about which delay pedal to buy, get in touch with us and our team of professional guitarists will be happy to advise you.