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Jazz Guitars

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The guitar, within the "jazz" genre, has a long history that begins in the early thirties, when this stringed instrument begins to be amplified. Long before electricity came to music, guitars did not have that potential and influence that they now have within the genre and all other subgenres of the wide range of jazz.

Jazz guitars are easily recognizable by their deep resonance box, the widest among the electric ones. They are guitars of a tremendously comfortable neck, that use flat braided strings and produce a mate, serious and a bit nasal sonority. They also tend to have a deep cutaway and a high pickguard that allows for easy right hand placement. The evolution of this was so great that over the years they started making semi-acoustic guitars, semi-hollow guitars and semi-solid guitars... each with its perfect characteristics to play jazz.

Some of the most used guitar models to play jazz are Gibson ES-175, ES-335, L4-CES, Heritage Supereagle, D'aquisto New Yorker or the Yamaha SA2200. If you need advice on choosing your ideal jazz guitar, don't hesitate to contact us.