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The silky sound of jazz

Jazz guitars are easily recognizable by their big body, the widest among electric guitars. They are guitars with a very comfortable neck since it is very common among players of this genre to perform very fast and complex passages. They typically use flat wound strings and produce a deep, matte sound with generous bass.

They also usually have a very pronounced cutaway to reach the higher frets, as well as a raised pickguard that allows an easy accommodation of the right hand. The evolution of this type of guitar has been so great that over the years many different models have appeared. The common point in all of them is to take advantage of the extra sound that the hollow (or semi-hollow) body produces, thus giving the characteristic jazz tone. And also, this allows you to play it without plugging in.

When did jazz guitars emerge?

This guitars, within the “jazz” genre, has a long history that begins in the early 30s, when this string instrument began to be amplified. Long before electricity came to music, guitars did not have that potential and that influence that they now have within the genre and all the other subgenres of the wide range of jazz.

Some guitar models most used to play jazz are Gibson ES-175, ES-335, L4-CES, Heritatge Supereagle, D'aquisto New Yorker or the Yamaha SA2200.

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