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This is our current catalog of electro acoustic guitars. You can filter the results by brand, body type, cutaway or if they include a case or gig bag. If you have any questions or need advice contact us and one of our experts will be pleased to answer.

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Electroacoustic guitars are an excellent investment since they will allow you the possibility of amplifying your performance without the need for microphones. The aim of these guitars is to capture the natural sound of an acoustic guitar, while they work as acoustic guitars when they are unplugged. It is important that they include good quality electronics, otherwise the sound obtained will not be optimal and it would have been better not to sacrifice the volume and vibration frequencies of the acoustic box wood. If you want to play with other amplified instruments, play on stage or just occasionally sample one of your songs with your computer, it is really worth investing the small price difference that it costs to buy an electro-acoustic guitar.

Acoustic electric guitars use a magnetic pickup, piezo or microphone installed inside it that captures the vibration and converts it into electrical signal. Most of them incorporate piezos under the bridge saddle and include a preamp. They also can have an equalization system of up to six frequencies, gain control and some of them a tuner.

If you are looking to buy an electroacoustic guitar, check out the catalog of this section. All these guitars have warranty, low shipping price and post sales service in our repair shop in Barcelona. In case you need advice, or if you have any question, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

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