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Where to find the best guitar stand? At Fanatic Guitars!

The importance of guitar stands is often overlooked. However, it is something essential and, by essential, we understand something that you undoubtedly need. Where are you going to place the guitar if not? On the bed? Do you intend to take it out of the case and put it back all the time? It's probably a solution at first, but not long-term.

What do we have to look for when choosing a guitar stand? Let's go with some basics:

  1. Number of instruments it can hold
  2. Material / Robustness
  3. Type
  4. Nitrocellulose?

The first thing, the number of instruments it can hold, is possibly the most basic one: How many instruments do I need it for? This seems easy to decide right? If I have a guitar, well one then and, if I have several, then a multi-instrument stand. It can also happen that you have only one instrument but plan to have some more. And normally this is what usually happens :-)

The second, the material and, depending on it, its robustness, is perhaps the most important thing. They are often made out of plastic and lighter metals. If plastic predominates, they are light and inexpensive, but they wear out easily and are not usually very robust, so it will not always be the best option to hold our precious instruments. Those that are reinforced with some light metal, such as aluminum, may be more robust. Manufacturers usually combine both.

The type of stand is also very important. This will depend on our needs and our budget. The most basic are those that are placed on the ground. Easy peasy. But then there are also those with different types of grip, which prevent the instrument from falling or those that have a kind of "gripping mechanism”, that is, when the instrument is placed it closes automatically. They are a bit more expensive, but they are very practical. You can also find them hangers to place the guitars on the wall, which are not only cheaper, but also look very good.

Finally, it must be taken into account if we are going to use the stand for an instrument with a nitrocellulose finish. Why? Because some of them are not recommended for this type of finish as it can damage it. Normally the nitrocellulose finish is common in vintage or expensive electric guitars, but it is best to ask the manufacturer if you have doubts. The most common is usually polyurethane though, which is the one used on most guitars, so in principle if you have a standard instrument, it is most likely this type of finish has been used on it and it is safe to use it with any type of stand.