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Loop Station

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A Loop Station, explained in the simplest way, is basically a music device that allows the artist to build up layers of music by recording short pieces of audio in real time, which can then be edited and enhanced to play them simultaneously using other files.

With a Loop Station the artist can connect the guitar, microphone or other instrument, record a Loop and then use it as an accompaniment to continue playing and/or singing live.

You can also record new performances while the loop is playing, a function also known as sound-on-sound recording. Using a live looper is called Live Looping and is a very popular method of recording and playing music in real time today. This can be done using Loop Station devices or special computer software.

For many artists, such as Ed Sheeran, this method allows them to enhance and layer their voice during live performances.
In addition, each Loop Station allows users to store digital audio files for playback.

However, the choice of a loop pedal is always a somewhat complex decision. As an artist, you have to take into account how you will use the pedal, what your needs are, etc. Take a look at our offer!