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A Looper or Loop Station is basically a device that allows you to record small musical fragments and repeat them in a loop, adding layers of new recordings on top of the first one.

With a looper the artist can connect his guitar, microphone or other instrument, record a loop and then use it as an accompaniment to continue playing and / or singing live. You can also record new fragments on top while the loop is playing, a function also known as "sound-on-sound" recording.

How to use a looper pedal?

Originally looper pedals were widely used for home practice. By recording a few bars of a piece of music, you can practice scales over it, or practice a solo until you find the right notes.

But this pedal has become increasingly popular, especially among artists who perform their songs on YouTube, as it allows them to do it alone without the need for a band. Using a live looper is called “Live Looping” and it is a very popular method of recording and playing music in real time today. This can be done using Loop Station devices or with special computer software.

Additionally, each Loop Station allows users to store digital audio files that they can play back. However, choosing a pedal loop station is always a somewhat complex decision. As an artist, you have to take into account how you will use the pedal, what your needs are, etc.

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