Guitar Straps

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Often overlooked, electric guitar and bass straps are a very important piece of equipment. It is practically the only way you can play the instrument standing up, whether to study at home, to record in the studio or to play live.

What is the best guitar strap for me?

Choosing a guitar strap is quite personal, but there are a few things you'll need to consider before choosing your own. A good strap allows you to carry your guitar or bass for hours without causing excessive pressure on your shoulders, avoiding injuries, so it is essential that it is comfortable. Wide, padded straps, are usually the best choice if you are looking for comfort.

Another factor to consider is resistance. The better the quality of the materials chosen, the longer our guitar string will last. And quality is usually associated with price, so obviously the more we can invest in our strap, the better quality and therefore more durability, we will get. Many times it is better to spend a little more and have a product that will last for many years.

It is also important to remember that another essential function of any guitar strap is that they ensure that the instrument does not slip out while you are playing.

Last but not least, they are an aesthetic element to take into account if you want to stand out on stage, so here you have a free way to express your personality. Perhaps you are a more functional person and prefer comfort and resistance to aesthetics? A cover with a sober color but of good quality and well padded should be your choice. Are you a more daring person? Here the sky is the limit.

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