Bass Strings

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Which bass strings should I use?

In this section you will find our collection of strings for electric bass, in different formats, qualities and gauges, as always with the guarantee of the best brands.


Bass strings are multifilament and are made up of a core that is surrounded by another thread, called a wound. The core can be of two types:

  • Circular: It is the oldest. Dominant in the music of the 1950s to the 1970s. Provides the lowest, most classic tone.
  • Hex: This is a current variation that provides a brighter sound.


As for the wound, it is very important because it will give the string a different character and timbre depending on the type. There are mainly three:

  • Roundwound (round): They are recognized for their rough touch and their bright sound with a higher level of sustain. It is the most used and the one that usually comes standard in the bass.
  • Flatwound (flat): Its touch is completely smooth. They are widely used in 'vintage' styles such as soul, funk and jazz. A thick, fat and dark sound.
  • Halfwound (semi-flat): It is an intermediate sound between the smooth and the round, providing the bright and defined tone of the round wound with the soft touch of the smooth.


Gauge refers to the thickness of the string and is measured in millimeters. In string sets it is usually expressed with two numbers. For example: 45 - 105. This indicates that the first string has a thickness of 45 mm and the last of 105 mm. Some examples:

  • Soft Gauge (0.40 or less): These are very thin strings and, therefore, very comfortable to play. This also results in a thinner sound and they are less resistant to styles like slap.
  • Soft Medium Gauge (0.45): This is an excellent starting point if you are not sure where to start. They maintain a good balance between sound and comfort.
  • Medium Gauge (0.50): The sound is denser and rounder but being thicker the strings are hard to play, especially with fingers. Recommended for picking and slapping.
  • Strong Gauge (0.55): Full-bodied, suitable for rock and metal, but very hard to play. The bass must be specially adjusted to withstand the pressure.