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Guitar Pedalboards

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Pedalboards are an essential part when assembling our effects chain, especially if we play live or go on tour, but also if we record at home or in the studio, since it helps to keep everything tidy. The main characteristic that we have to look for in a pedalboard is robustness, since these components must withstand the burden of live performances and continuous use.

In addition to this, if they offer the possibility of powering our pedals or working as a hub, they must present good electronics since, otherwise, they could cause an unwanted situation in the middle of a concert. Finally, our pedalboard must leave enough space for our pedals.

At Fanatic you will find a wide assortment of pedalboards from the best brands, of all kinds of materials and sizes, but always with a great quality / price ratio, so that they adapt like a glove to your effects chain.