Direct Boxes

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What do direct boxes do?

A Direct Box is an essential element to get a good signal from your instrument when recording and a must if you are going to play live. It is basically a device that transforms a signal coming from an unbalanced line (coming from an instrument such as a guitar, a bass or keyboards) into a balanced low impedance signal that comes out through a balanced line type XLR, TRS or MIC.

And why is this important? Because the outputs of some instruments cannot be connected directly to a mic pre or line input. If we are going to play live and we want to connect it to a table, the technician will probably connect our guitar or bass using a Direct Box to transform the signal and be able to amplify it without getting noise or losing strength. In addition, it adjusts the output impedance to that of the input of the receiving device. It is also important if we record in the studio, in case the interface we use does not have a High impedance converter (Hi-Z).

The best direct boxes with all the guarantees

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