Acoustic Guitars

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Over the last few years we have experienced a revival of the acoustic guitar in Western music. After the long-term sophistication of the electrified guitar sound and whose culmination took place at the end of 20th century, the expansion of the digital instruments has provoked an inverse trend to come back to the original acoustic sound. Certainly the natural tone that causes the vibration of the woods is something difficult to overcome.

One thing to keep in mind when we want to buy an acoustic guitar is that each guitar has its own tone. Their singularity depends on the type of wood as well as their body shape. While cheap acoustic guitars usually are made of laminated wood, high-end acoustic guitars have been built using solid wood. Which body recommend will depend on the musical style of the performer as well as the tone and volume needs that we are aiming to achieve. The most popular body size is dreadnought, or 000 / OM, but the popularity of mini size and travel guitar has increased a lot because they are lighter and more economical.

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