At Fanatic Guitars we have been selecting the best pedals on the market for years to guarantee our clients that, whichever they choose, meets the minimum quality standards. Booster pedals are essential to increase the signal level of our guitar or bass, so it is important that both the construction and its components are of the best possible quality.

In this section you will find a selection of some of the best booster pedals on the market, from the best brands and at the best possible price.

What is a booster pedal and what is it for?

Booster pedals are devices designed to increase the gain of the guitar's signal with some kind of modification to the original sound. It is an effect that increases the "presence" so to speak of your guitar, either by increasing volume, the gain or both. There are several models:

The Treble Boosters try to "recover" some of the lost high frequency content.

Fat Boosters try to increase the content in low frequencies and, in addition to increasing the gain of the signal, add some kind of coloration by their own design and components, including harmonic distortion or focusing in the gain of certain frequencies.

On the other hand, Clean Boosters increase the signal but without modifying its frequency spectrum. Clean boosters are one of the most useful pedals that as guitarists we have to have on our pedalboard. However, finding a quality clean booster is not always easy. Some clean boosters aren't actually clean at all because they add too much distortion when you turn up the volume, and others create noise, or boost unwanted frequencies.