Vintage Guitars

The most special guitars in the world

At Fanatic Guitars we are always on the lookout for One-Of-A-Kind guitars, reduced runs, collector's pieces, guitars that belonged to music legends, from all eras, from Spanish guitars of the last century, to Stratos and Les Pauls of the 60s and 70 or rarities of which few units were made.

Either because you prefer the pure sound of the year in which the most legendary models were built, because you are a fan of some legendary guitarist or because you are a collector always on the hunt for the most special models, in this section you will find some of the most special pieces on the planet.

The best warranty

Of course! We have been dedicated to the world of musical instruments for several decades, specializing in electric guitars. We have clients from all over the world who have trusted us and our service, making us the best valued Spanish guitar store on Google. We offer a one-year legal warranty on our vintage and second-hand pieces. Except in a few cases, most of our collectibles have certificates of authenticity.

As we know that this is a major purchase, our experts are available to answer any questions you may have. Please, if you have any doubts or inquiries, get in touch through our contact form.