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Emerson Pro CTS 1 Meg Short (3/8″) Solid Shaft Potentiometer

SKU: 210000002908
Emerson Custom

This Solid Shaft Potentiometer was designed to be the best choice for the demanding guitarist looking for optimal performance and the tonal response of a guitar potentiometer. These specially designed Emerson Pro CTSs feature a longer-lasting bronze shaft and bushing.

Likewise, they have a more tight resistance tolerance of ± 8% compared to the CTS products offered by most other suppliers. Each and every one of the Emerson Pro CTS containers is tested by hand to ensure that they meet or exceed the established tolerances. The Emerson Pro CTS has a custom audio cone that was specially designed by Emerson Custom to give you a very smooth and precise response when you roll up and down the controls. They will give you a conicity much more sensitive than what you will get with standard CTS.

  • Low Torque (Easy turning – for quicker/easier Volume & Tone swells.
  • Solid 3/8 “shaft for use with (1/4”) US specification adjustment screw knobs.
  • Usually used in Fender style guitars with single coil pickups (ie: Jazzmasters, Jaguars, etc.)


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