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Craftsmanship and attention to detail. Old school style

When we talk about Emerson Custom, the first thing that we have to highlight is that their products are made by and for musicians. A small American family business located in Bixby, Oklahoma (founded in 2009), their offer goes from handmade cable effect pedals and pre-wired sets to high quality guitar components.

It's main objective is to offer quality, tone and excellent craftsmanship, without neglecting the most modern accuracy and service. Similar to us, at Emerson Custom they are constantly dreaming, retouching, and testing to create unique products that can inspire the sonic creativity of musicians. That's why we decided to be distributors of this amazing brand.

Emerson guitar potentiometers have a much lower tolerance than other models. What does this mean? You can keep the clarity of the notes much better, since it respects the highs a lot more and is much more careful and defined.

Their Prewired Kits are replacement systems for traditional electronics. They can replace the complete electronics of a Telecaster, a Les Paul, a Stratocaster or a 335 (for instance). The welded components come with the best possible materials, the highest quality, optimization of distances...

It is an easy not too expensive upgrade. It’s very practical to install and it betters not only your tone, but also the timbral capacity of your instrument.

Their pedals are handcrafted at their store in Broken Arrow. All of them have premium audio quality pieces, selected by hand to achieve consistent and reliable tones.

Emerson Custom products are available in more than 100 dealer locations around the world. We were not going to be less. Check out our offer!