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About Ruby Tubes

Thermionic valves – also known as electronic valves, vacuum valves, vacuum tubes or bulbs – are an electronic component used to amplify, switch, or modify an electrical signal by controlling the movement of electrons in an empty space, very low pressure, or in the presence of specially selected gases.

Ruby Tubes is not a valves producer, but a marker (they put their name on the bulb, the valve capsule) and currently has the broadest valve catalog on the market. Its function is to catalog the different valves offered in the market and give them value.

Worldwide there are three large valve factories in Asia, USA and Russia. The prestige of the valves is given by the quality cataloging that is done before delivering it to the buyer. Ruby Tubes, in particular, is one of the few companies that counts with a catalog of new valves and discontinued valves.

Precisely for that reason Fanatic Guitars decided to work with them, since they allow us to have access to a wide variety of valves. One valve being better or worse than another will depend on whether you like it more or less. In music, as we have been able to verify through the years, a lot of things are pretty subjective.

The most popular Ruby preamp valve is the 12AX7AC5 HG, high grade, low noise, with a sweet warm sound and a very low microphonic and mechanical noise.