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About Synergy Amps

This Los Angeles-based amplifier company brings together a whole community of boutique guitar amplifier builders for new and exciting projects.

An amplifier is a planned amalgam of transformers, transistors, capacitors and tubes that can increase the power of a given input signal. The way to combine these components, added to the attention and experience, will create a unique final tone.

But you know that an amplifier is so much more than that. And the people behind Synergy Amplifiers know it too. That is why this American company gives extra attention to each aspect of each frequency of the amplifiers. With a very specific tonal goal, using the best components and assembling them in the best way to the boutique style. This method of creating amplified sound usually costs much more than the amplifiers produced in series, which makes them sometimes economically inaccessible for some musicians.

That's why Synergy Amps decided to put together boutique amplifiers’ creators with popular amp creators to design preamp sections in a compact module that slides easily into a compact preamp housing. These preamps are accessible for all musicians!

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