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Friedman Amps

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About Friedman Amps

We could say that Friedman Amps is most trendy amplifiers brand in USA among top musicians. They make high-end handmade products manufactured using first-class materiamals. Its creator, Dave Friedman, is the man behind the distinctive tones of artists such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell. Each of its amplifiers is reviewed and tested by himself.

Dave has made, modified and repaired amplifiers of the most succesfull musicians over the last 25 years. After becoming a benchmark for many artists and working with various manufacturers, Dave got a big and loyal clientele all over the world. All the skills and knowledge that he has acquired over the years have inspired him to develop his own series of amplifiers for electric guitar. Made meticulously using the best materials, Friedman Amps has become synonymous of quality, warranty and excellent performance.

Fanatic Guitars is the only official distributor in Spain of this prestigious brand. We have been supporting it from the beggining and since then its popularity never stopped growing. We offer minimum price and the best advantages of guarantee and post-sale service. Contact us if you can not find the amplifier you are looking for.