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About Electro-Harmonix

Founded in 1968 by Rhythm & Blues keyboard player Mike Matthews, Electro Harmonix has positioned itself in the market as one of the most recognizable, revered, and in demand brands.

They rose to fame practically a year after its foundation, when they designed what would become their flagship: The Big Muff Pi. The list of guitarists who have used this pedal is endless, but we could highlight giants of the instrument such as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour or Carlos Santana, and more recent figures such as Johnny Greenwood, Jack White or Alex Turner.

Since then, the brand's prestige has continued to grow, having expanded its repertoire to almost any unimaginable effect, from the classic fuzz, overdrives and delays to more extreme effects such as synthesizers, filters or loopers, and of course, the famous Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon.

Their pedals are classic almost at the moment of their conception, and this is so because the company's great obsession is always to create something new and exciting that helps expand the sound palette of musicians and, therefore, help them develop their own sound.