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Mono M80 Cymbal 22″ (Ash)

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This cymbal case for drummers is simply perfect: performance, protection, comfort and style; all in one. You can use it backpack style for long city walks, or extend the straps for a more airport profile. This is a very durable yet lightweight case.

High protection

All MONO cases are extremely durable because they are made of Hypalon, the same industrial rubber used to create military inflatable rafts – what does this mean? That this case for M80 cymbals will not wear out at the edges as most do.


You don’t have to tell a drummer that these fully charged cases can be extremely heavy. In the design process, MONO discovered that its backpack system with chest clip worked wonders to distribute the weight of all the cymbals. Exclusive pockets for hi-hats (up to 15″) and splash cymbals (up to 10″) keep the smaller cymbals securely separated.

Multiple compartments

The case has 5 deluxe padded, discreet slots that keep your instruments protected.

Carrying comfort

Solid industrial belt handles are standard on all MONO cases. Bar seams and steel rivets reinforce, while high quality tapes provide a super comfortable grip.

Military Technology

All M80 cases use Hypalon, the same industrial rubber used to create military inflatable rafts.

  • Main compartment – 5 individually padded slots with a maximum diameter of 55 cm (22)
  • Hi-hats pocket – 38 cm maximum diameter (15)
  • Splash pocket – 25 cm maximum diameter (10)
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (69 oz)
  • This model is also available in black and in size 24 (60 cm).


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