Alhambra 11P Classical Guitar

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The Alhambra 11P is the highest range of Alhambra Guitars for professional guitar players, right below the luthier’s “Signature Models” selected range. Its high detailed construction provides a powerful but delicate sound. It is a first level concert guitar for live performance.

The top of this classical guitar is solid Cedar, the fingerboard is made of Ebony and the neck is made of Spanish Cedar Reinforced with Ebony. The fingerboard is longer than the other models, it has an additional fret requested by qualified guitarists and required to play some compositions. The detailed craftsmanship can be appreciated in its beautiful finish. As a particularity, the heel is composed of 5 pieces while in the rest of the models of Alhambra is formed by a single piece. Another interesting feature is its traditional building system made of bone in the saddle and the nut, due to its exceptional vibration capacity.

All these artisan characteristics give these instruments a sound capable of producing the richest and most accurate notes. Its sound has a great chromatic richness and meets the demands of the highest demanding live performers.

Technical Specifications

  • Top: Solid Red Cedar
  • Quality: “AA+”
  • Sides & Back: Solid Indian Rosewood
  • Neck: Spanish Cedar Reinforced with Ebony. Ergoneck
  • Fingerboard: Ebony. 20 frets
  • Machine heads: Luxury Gold Plated
  • Strings: D’Addario Pro-Arte EJ44 Extra High Tension
  • Nut: Bone
  • Bracing: Bridge
  • Weight: Aprox. 1.60Kg
  • Hard Case: Standard hard case included

Customer Reviews (4)

  1. Avatar

    Tarchin Hearn

    The Alhambra 11P arrived today in perfect condition. It sounds fantastic and the case is a wonderful addition. I’m very happy. Xavier was tremendously helpful and facilitated a smooth 16 day, minimal hassle, delivery, a journey through this covid world, all the way from Barcelona to New Zealand. Many thanks go to the craftsmen at Alhambra who have made such a beautiful instrument.

  2. Avatar

    Vincent Maloney

    Alhambra 11P is not just a guitar. It’s a piece of art. This classical guitar is very light, beautiful and sounds great. The playability is fantastic. The action is perfect. It is easy to play the barre chords. The frets are very smooth. I just can’t put it down and play it all the time. The customer service is excellent. Fanatic Guitars paid for the CITES certificate. You have to be patient. It takes about 20 days to receive your package because CITES certificate and customs clearance paperwork are involved. I did not have to pay any extra customs fees. It is very hard to find this guitar in the United States. Even if you are lucky to find it, you will pay $1000 more. Fanatic Guitars store has the best price ever. The FedEx shipping to the United States costs only 90 euros. Thank you very much, Fanatic guitars! You, guys, are awesome. Alhambra 11P will be my baby for the rest of my life. I will be treasuring it.

  3. Avatar

    Alan Tan

    Love my Alhambra 11P! Xavier is very helpful in replying my email. Fanatic Guitars requested the CITES certificate and shipped it very fast. Excellent service.

  4. Avatar

    Kevin D

    The Alhambra 11P it is an amazing guitar with a great feel, excellent playability and very long sustain. I really recommend it. Fanatic Guitars requested the CITES certificate and shipped it very fast. Excellent service.

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