Combo Amps

The all-in-one for your electric bass

Whether you're a beginner or want a compact, quality, and powerful solution, combo-type electric bass amps are the preferred choice of many musicians. The combo name comes from the fact that they combine an amplifier (with its preamp and power-amp) and a speaker in the same product. This comes very handy if we want to use it both at home and in the rehearsal room or even live.

All the guarantees for a safe purchase

At Fanatic we are committed to the customer. Your satisfaction comes first and, therefore, we offer you a 2-Years Customer Warranty and a 14-Days Money-Back from receipt of the product.

Not only that, at Fanatic we have professionals with several decades dedicated to the world of musical equipment and professional musicians who will be happy to advise you if you need it. To do this, you just have to contact us.