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  • Since its conception in 2008, Mastery Bridge remains the industry leader and most trusted Offset bridge in the hands of touring musicians around the globe. This original Offset bridge eliminates the buzzing associated with previous saddle designs. The strings won’t fall out of their grooves — no matter how hard you play. All of Offset bridge saddles are made of solid brass. Since solid brass can begin to show wear within hours of vibrato use, they plate them with a unique, self-lubricating hard chrome plating not found on any other guitar bridge.
  • The patented non-rocking post design along with Mastery’s patented two saddle design has a dramatic effect on the transfer of string-to-body energy, giving the guitar much greater resonance that you’ll even hear acoustically.
  • The M1 model fits these Fender USA guitars: Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Bass IV, Telecaster with Bigsby Vibrato & Jag-Stang.
  • These bridges are crafted and assembled in Minneapolis, using the finest materials available. Each individual bridge is inspected and tested before being shipped, to ensure the best possible performance. Every part of the bridge is precision machined out of the highest quality, non-corrosive materials to protect against any rust.

Customer Reviews (2)

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    This bridge is great, it’s easy to setup and intonate plus the guitar has better sustain now and is nicer to play in general. This is a no brainer upgrade for a jazzmaster in my opinion. Buy it!!

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    Celso Pinti

    As a guitar maker and technician, the Mastery offset is still my favorite upgrade on most Jaguar/Mustang/Jazz master style guitars. Not only it will clear out all the known issues, such as screws going up and down as one plays, poor string spacing, etc. but it will make such guitars sound beautiful while retaining the idiosyncrasies that make them so unique.

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