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The 20-watt, 1×12 Tone King Falcon Grande combo stands out because of its vintage American tube amp tone. To be more exact, the tone of 3 of them. Even with its direct tone stack, which consists of an interactive volume and unique tone control, this amp hides a surprising amount of flexibility.

Its 3 position voice switch on the front panel offers a fast and flat pulse sequence, a warm and compressed Tweed option, and a tone that can generate a singing overdrive. Adding the Ironman II reverberation and reactive load power attenuator, you’ll have a sound tube amplifier prepared for both large stadiums and your living room.

The three voices of an easy-to-use amplifier

The Big Falcon uses three knobs so you can travel soundly-wise through the best parts of the American Tube vintage amplification. The volume control and the tone knob are highly interactive. With the 3-way voice switch, you may find the tones you’ve always been looking for:

  • The volume and tone knob are interactive for different unit tones and clarity
  • The 3-position switch selects between the songs Tweed, Rhythm and Lead
  • Voicings can be selected through the front panel and the included pedal

Reactive attenuation Ironman II

Now you can take the maximum power tones of the Big Falcon to the level of band concerts or the tranquility of home.

  • 6-step attenuation adapts to a variety of situations
  • Reactive charging technology maintains the feel and response of your guitar amplifier
  • Completely transparent performance

The Falcon Grande includes these characteristics:

  • 12 “Eminence speaker with personalized voice
  • Mix and Dwell controls: adjust the integrated spring reverb
  • Includes 4-button footswitch that puts the reverb control at your feet
  • Construction of Birch Birch USA
  • Tubes: 2 x 5881 and 2 x 12AX7

The available colors are these (you can ask for any of them in the case of not finding them on our website)

  • Full cream
  • Brown / cream
  • Full black
  • Turquoise / White


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