Tom Anderson HC2 pickup (Vintage Series)

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HC-Series: Within the sanctuary of a sleek and smooth cover (chrome, nickel, raw nickel, gold or black) beats the heart of a vintage lion (fun description, don’t you think). Mild to medium to hot output, HCs sing with a wonderful vintage-flavored voice, depicted by focused midrange energy and enlightened by extremely musical upper-mids and seasoned with sweet, soft and soothing highs. HCs could quickly become your favorite humbucker

HC2 Our other most popular humbucker, perhaps—who wouldn’t love a medium-hot output package with all the vintage flavor firmly in place, wound to create a full bouquet of tonalities—muscular mids with a smattering of lush and soft highlights so it is impressively musical, with never a hint of that “oops, I accidently sat on a duck,” tone—beautiful from all tonal angles.


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