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Throbak KZ-115 MXV Long A2 PAF Humbucker Set (Shiny Nickel)

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  • Neck and bridge 7.70K-7.57k with long A2 magnets
  • Vintage PAF clone Butyrate bobbins tooled and molded in the USA to vintage specs.
  • Coils wound on vintage KZ/LP-115, Gibson customized winder for unsurpassed vintage winding accuracy.
  • PAF repro baseplates tooled and stamped in the USA for ThroBak.
  • PAF clone covers stamped in USA and Nickel plated (with no Copper) at the same Kalamazoo shop that plated vintage PAF covers.
  • Pole screws with vintage alloys cloned from 50’s vintage PAF screws with cold form die tooled for ThroBak. Made in USA.
  • Slugs with vintage alloys cut with a vintage Brown and Sharpe automatic screw machine for correct vintage look. Made in USA.
  • Vintage Spec. Plain Enamel 42AWG magnet wire made with vintage coating and processes. Made in USA.
  • Alnico magnets custom cast in the USA with vintage formulations.
  • Vintage correct braided wire. Made in USA.


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