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TC Electronic Vintage Distortion

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TC Electronic
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Often versatility is called upon and the Vintage Distortion pedal gives you all the choices you need, with a vintage twist. Go from jazzy laid-back sounds to mega fuzz sledge hammer action that will blow your toupee off. With the boost function bypassed you’ll get a sound that makes you think of late night jazz sessions. Turn on the boost and your guitar is on the fast track to roaring thunders similar to legend rock albums of the past. Adjust the Tone knob for that extra edge to your sound it won’t have an effect on your original sonic quality, so don’t be a cheapskate, crank it up!

Vintage Series Overview

The Vintage pedals from TC Electronic will awaken any slumbering desire to revisit the past with today’s technology. All pedals build on a classical approach to guitar effects and are perfectly aligned with the TC guitar legacy. From giants of the past like the SCF pedal and the G-Force, over newly released VPD1 and G-System, TC Electronic offers you a complete range of guitar effects.

The new Vintage Series covers a wide range of sonic ground, and you’re sure to find something that will add that extra quality and spice to your music. Spanning from Vintage Compressor, Vintage Tremolo and Vintage Delay, to Vintage Overdrive, Vintage Distortion, and Vintage Dual Distortion, the possibilities are infinite. We’ve even thrown in a Vintage Bass Distortion for that extra punch to the bottom. Combine the pedals in a classical sequence or hook them up to the G-System; the choice is yours. With the new Vintage Series, TC Electronic has ensured your freedom to choose your individual setup and sound.

  • Drive Level: Controls the amount of distortion.
  • Color Filter: This control adds or subtracts the high end frequencies of your signal allowing you to match the driven signal with the bypassed.
  • Output Level: Sets the overall output level.
  • Boost: Depending on your pickup types and the used amp you may chose between the Moderate and High-gain modes to achieve just the sound you need. Press to activate.


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