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TC Electronic Nova Delay Guitar Pedal

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TC Electronic
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The ND-1 Nova Delay raises the bar for guitar effect pedals and redefines what it means to be “state-of-the-art.” It’s built upon the legacy and knowledge of TC’s world-renowned TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay. 

With 6 different stereo delay types and the option to store up to 9 presets customizable by an array of style parameters ranging from vintage tape to digital delay. This effect pedal easily serves all delay requirements of modern guitar players who seek unique sounds. 

Each of these types can be modified with a delay style — a unique feature of ND-1 Nova Delay that allows you to mix and match your delay type and style infinitely. 

With the ND-1 Nova Delay, both single delay and dual delay lines can be applied to any type and style using the tap tempo switch or delay time knob to determine the delay time that ranges from 1 to 2290 ms. 

Three different types of modulation (light, medium and heavy) can be applied to any of the delay types — a feature originating from the TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay processor. 

  • Uncompromised studio-quality TC effects 6 stereo delay types: line, dynamic, reverse, ping-pong, pan, and slap back
  • Style parameters for extensive tweaking
  • Stores up to 9 presets
  • Two switchable settings:
  • manual and preset
  • Up to 2290 ms delay time
  • Audio Tapping™ — audio-generated tap tempo
  • Modulated delay
  • Delay spillover


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