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TC Electronic Classic Booster Distortion Pedal

SKU: 210000000433
TC Electronic

This boost was made for rocking! Close encounters with thousands of foot soles, millions of miles on the road and a history of being kicked and trot on, this pedal, if any, has truly earned its claim to fame.

Whether you use this baby as an always on signal booster to make your tubes work harder, as an occasional boost for highlighting a solo, lick or passage or as a distortion pedal to go with a clean amp, this pedal will always stay true to your tone with absolutely no coloration or degradation of the original signal.

The built-in noise gate holds feedback in a firm leg lock only letting through the boosted, yet uncolored, roaring signal from your strokes.

  • Connections: 1/4 in. input jack, 1/4 in. output jack, DC jack 2mm (center is negative)
  • Power Supply: 9-12 Vol DC or battery 9V Alkaline
  • Effect Usage: 20mA
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm x 50mm


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