Taylor Builder’s Edition 717e

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As part of Taylor Guitars Grand Pacific Series, the 717e Builder’s Edition builds on a long tradition of treating rosewood/spruce dreadnoughts, but in turn definitely breaks new ground with a completely new Taylor sound. The rounded dreadnought shape with the V-Class bracing of this guitar produces a warm, seasoned acoustic tone in which individual notes overlap and blend smoothly. This type of Taylor patented bracing brings more power and sustain to the instrument, along with improved intonation and musicality across the entire frequency spectrum.

The harmonic complexity of the rosewood and the sound projected from the spruce top meet the musician’s expectations for a rich and luxurious tonal character. With the 717e you’ll get a traditional, yet up-to-date sound that will allow you to offer a more expressive musical range. There is no better sound than that of the rosewood with a spruce top.

The features and enhancements of this guitar offer a more expressive and highly musical voice for those who choose to explore it. With a solid rosewood Indian wood back and sides and top with solid roasted Sitka Spruce, the 717e Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition offers a unique, bold and versatile tonal profile.

Plus, if you like to play plugged in, you’ll be convinced by the Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics built into this 717e Grand Pacific. The key to this system is the patented 3-section pickup. Due to its position, the ES2 pickup provides an extraordinarily clear and precise sound. In addition to a spectacular volume control, a couple of tone controls allow you to adjust the highs and lows to get exactly the sound you need.

Technical Specifications

  • Sitka Spruce Top: Produces a wide dynamic range and facilitates a versatile range of performance styles for the artist.
  • Expression System® 2 Electronics: brings out the dynamic properties of the guitar using an innovative design.
  • Case: Taylor Deluxe Hardshell-Western Floral


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