Taylor 317e V-Class

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The Taylor Grand Pacific 317e (with Taylor’s award-winning bracing) is a clear step towards a new sonority. With this instrument you’ll see the notes mixing smoothly together to produce a warm, seasoned acoustic sound with a clear bass power.

Its back and sides are made with solid Sapelly and its top with solid Sitka spruce. The tonal response is clearly situated between the dry character of mahogany and the harmonicity of the rosewood. In addition, the bass clarity of the 317e mixes equally with mids and highs, producing a rich and dynamic tone.

The V-Class bracing, perfectly made for this Grand Pacific body type, increases the power and sustain of the instrument, offering a much better intonation. This makes this guitar a versatile tool that you can use to play with other musicians, alongside a vocalist or solo.

Tecnical Specifications

  • Grand Pacific Body: This rounded dreadnought body gives a twist to Taylor’s warm, rich sound.
  • Sitka Spruce Top: Sitka Spruce produces a wide dynamic range and makes it easy for the guitarist to move through a versatile range of playing styles.
  • Sapelly Sides & back: one of the best guitar woods in the world. Sapelly adapts to any style.
  • Expression System® 2 Electronics: captures more of a guitar’s dynamic properties using an innovative design.
  • Non-Cutaway: the clean, symmetrical look of a traditional acoustic guitar.
  • V-Class Bracing: an award-winning and revolutionary design that balances the flexibility and stability of the top of the instrument. The V-Class bracing produces great sustain, volume and intonation.


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