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Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay

SKU: 210000000414
  • Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay
  • Two simultaneous integrated delays
  • Unique digital rack delay voicings
  • Five dual delay adjustment and tone shaping knobs: time, time 2, mix, mix 2, repeats
  • One modern and two classic digital delay voicings: 24/96, adm, 12 bit
  • Five rhythmic subdivisions: triplet, eighth, golden ratio, dotted eighth, dotted quarter
  • Three choices for delay line modulation: off, light, deep
  • Five “hidden” knobs for deep dual delay control: delay 1 subdivision, sync/free mode, filter, config, delay 2 repeats
  • Selectable free mode disables subdivisions and synchronization
  • Press and hold circular repeats effect
  • Tempo footswitch
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Input, left out, right out, exp in
  • Made in USA


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