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Rivera Venus Recording Desktop Unit

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  • 25 watts of pure 6V6 power, along with five preamp tubes for all-tube tone
  • Two footswitchable channels of hot tube tone
  • Voicing knob for tonal versatility
  • 11-band EQ lets you dial in the perfect speaker sound
  • Integrated RockCrusher lets you dial in the perfect tone at any volume
  • Pre- and post-effects loops let you integrate your favorite pedals
  • Built-in cabinet emulation sends killer amp tone directly into your DAW or to FOH
  • Auxiliary Input lets you insert a preamp, effects, or MP3 player before the power amp
  • Headphone Output lets you play and record silently
  • Onboard meter can switch between measuring power amp output or recording output
  • Footswitch is included


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