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Take a look at this best-selling guitar case that combines footwear and military cases manufacturing methods: the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case not only represents a guitar protection that is superior to all those you’ve known before, but also a technological advance in suitcases design. It is swift, fast, elegant and resistant. Thanks to this MONO Creators design, traveling with a guitar has never been so comfortable and easy.

Easy opening
For starters: the Vertigo case does not open like a regular one. Its design allows decompressing quickly the casing and removing the guitar from the top. It is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unpacked, the case opens easily.

Ultra protection
The Boot™ takes the protection of the guitar to another level. Using manufacturing technologies from footwear industry, the Vertigo case literally bounces off concrete. With its custom molded rubber outsole and its EVA insole, The Boot™ also protects the straps of all shapes and sizes.

Protection of the neck
The Vertigo case features a fully redesigned Headlock™ neck suspension system. You just have to place your guitar and the neck is at a natural resting point at the base of the Headlock™. Your headstock is now fully protected against droppings.

Integral ABS panels provide Hardcase protection to a fraction of the weight. (MONO cases weigh around 75% less than their competitors).

Storage pockets
The storage compartments place your equipment right where you need it. In addition, a small inside pocket keeps those small and important items very close to you.

The MONO cases are manufactured according to military specifications, using only strong materials with extreme resistance to abrasion. Inside, the plush lining protects the delicate custom finishes. Outside, it features the Sharkskin™ waterproof helmet.

Military technology
The Vertigo features a molded, water-based rubber sole made of Hypalon, the same industrial rubber used to create military inflatable rafts.

Transport comfort
The high quality ribbons have a super comfortable grip.

This design is made to fit all standard body electric guitars, including Teles and Strats, Gibsons such as Les Pauls and SG, Ibanez and ESP. It also adapts to guitars which might not be standard.

Innovative Design
Designing for musicians in constant movement, MONO is an IDSA award-winning company that manufactures the most innovative and inspiring cases and accessories for instruments in the world.

Compatible with the Tick accessory
Most MONO cases are equipped with triple accessories with a D-ring which are required for the optional Classic Tick Accessory Case, the modular tool box designed to extend the storage capacity of your guitar case. The Classic Tick accessory case adheres safely and without any problems.

1 review for MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case (Black)

  1. Jose

    Solo quiero decir que estoy muy contento con la funda. Es super cómoda y práctica para quitarse un poco de peso a los que viajamos. Sobre la resistencia todavía no sé cuanto me va a durar, pero sí que parece estar hecha de materiales de alta calidad.

  2. draco_clarinet

    Muy contento con esta funda, creo que será de las mejores sino la mejor del mercado en lo que ofrece: total protección a la guitarra y la comodidad de una funda tipo mochila. Aunque una funda se vea como un accesorio secundario en un equipo para el guitarrista (lo principal, la guitarra y el ampli, los pedales…), creo que merece la pena una inversión de este tipo para cuidar bien tu instrumento. Y si tiene la durabilidad que aparenta…

    En cuanto a Fanatic Guitars, una grata experiencia: Trato perfecto, contestando con brevedad a mails, siempre con la mayor simpatía y educación… de 10! Sin duda volveré a repetir y espero que sea en su tienda física. Un saludo y gracias por todo.

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