MONO Vertigo Electric Bass (Steel Grey)

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Let us introduce you to the Vertigo Bass Case by MONO: the world’s first top-loaded case that will take perfect care of your beloved instrument. If you have a bass, you have to have a MONO case.

Locking and loading
The Vertigo case has a completely redesigned neck suspension Headlock™ system. Just put the bass in the case and the neck finds a natural resting point at the base of the Headlock™. Then simply zip the cover and the top section of Headlock™ is automatically attached to the bottom, holding it securely in place. The head of your instrument is now fully protected against drops and knocks.

Drop protection
The Boot™ takes bass protection to a whole new level. How? Using manufacturing technologies from the shoe industry, with its custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole, the Boot™ also protects your bass from possible vertical drops.

Integral ABS panels offer hardcase protection to a fraction of the weight. (MONO cases weigh about 75% less than their hardcase competitors). The Vertigo’s reinforced outer shell absorbs and deflects heavy impacts away from vulnerable areas.

Smart storage
Most MONO cases come equipped with the triple D-ring accessories needed for the optional Classic Tick Accessory Case, the modular toolbox designed to expand the storage capacity of your guitar case. The Classic Tick Case accessory attaches securely and easily to the case.

Plug and play
Specialized storage compartments put all your equipment right where you need it. Deep reinforcements make sure your smallest items stay in place.

Water resistant
MONO cases are made of materials with high resistance to abrasion and weathering. Inside, the plush lining protects the delicate custom finishes. Outside, it has a water-resistant Sharkskin™ housing.

Military Technology
Solid industrial webbing handles are standard on MONO cases. Tack stitches and steel rivets reinforce the strength, while high quality straps provide a super comfortable grip.

It features Hypalon, the same industrial rubber used to create military inflatable rafts.

This case is designed to be compatible with standard body basses.

  • Weight: just over 6 lbs (almost 3kg)
  • Also available in black

Customer Reviews (3)

  1. Avatar

    Darran Duglan

    Without doubt…THE best quality soft case to transport your bass in..
    Not cheap but quality never is..

  2. Avatar


    Maravillosa. Robusta y muy cómoda de llevar y utilizar. Lo de poder sacar la guitarra con la funda de pie es calidad de vida.

  3. Avatar


    Perfecta. Ligera, increíblemente protectora y con excelente calidad de construcción. Además, a un precio muy bueno. La recomiendo totalmente si aprecias tu instrumento.

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