MONO M80 Electric Guitar Case (Black)

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This incredible MONO case is the choice of countless influential musicians around the world. Its patented protective features and lightweight hybrid shell revolutionize the way we travel with our guitars and have finally brought the musicians’ luggage into the 21st century.

Years of feedback from active artists have driven countless small improvements, showing that this original design simply improves over time. If you have a guitar, you should have a MONO case.

Designing for musicians in constant motion, MONO is an IDSA award-winning company that manufactures the world’s most innovative and inspiring instrument cases and accessories.

Drop protection
The patented Headlock™ design provides a level of protection worthy of the best instruments. The guitar is quickly held in place and remains stable during transport. The head is suspended inside the case, saving the guitar from side and rear impacts that could break the neck.

Extensive testing has revealed that “hardcase protection” is a myth, as the M80 equipped with Headlock™ outperforms traditional hardcase in every way.

Integral ABS panels offer hardcase protection at a fraction of the weight (MONO cases weigh approximately 75% less than competitive hardcase cases.) The reinforced outer shell of the M80 hybrid case absorbs and deflects heavy impacts from vulnerable guitar zones.

Ready to play
It’s all under control. Specialized storage compartments put your equipment right where you need it.

Hidden compartment
A hidden pocket keeps your valuables hidden. The pen slots also serve as a tool magazine. Business card storage and a durable key clip are also included.

Water resistant
MONO builds their cases to military specifications, using only materials with high resistance to abrasion and other elements. Inside, the plush lining protects the delicate custom finishes. Outside, it has a water-resistant housing Sharkskin™.

Military Technology
All M80 cases feature Hypalon, the same industrial rubber used to create military inflatable rafts.

This case is designed to be compatible with standard electric guitars like Fenders (Teles, Strats), Gibsons (Les Paul, SG), ESP and many more.

  • Weight: 83 oz (2.4 kg)


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