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The original, revolutionary M1 Mastery Bridge. M1 mounting posts fit all American made Offset guitars, including new, used and vintage.

Offset Bridge

The patented Offset Mastery Bridge was designed by a professional luthier from Minneapolis, MN. Each bridge is crafted in Minneapolis using the highest quality, non-corrosive materials available.

Fits these Fender guitars: Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Bass IV, Telecaster with Bigsby Vibrato & Jag-Stang.

The Offset Mastery Bridge requires no modification to guitars originally equiped with Fender’s “floating” style bridge and stock body thimbles. The bridge easily fits into vintage guitars as well as new and used American or imported guitars with these thimbles.


1 review for Mastery Bridge M1

  1. Celso Pinti

    As a guitar maker and technician, the Mastery offset is still my favorite upgrade on most Jaguar/Mustang/Jazz master style guitars. Not only it will clear out all the known issues, such as screws going up and down as one plays, poor string spacing, etc. but it will make such guitars sound beautiful while retaining the idiosyncrasies that make them so unique.

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