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Marshall 1974CX Cabinet

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The Marshall 1974CX Extension Cabinet is a 1×12 extension cabinet that matches the 1974X. It boasts the proprietary, aged reissue of the original 20W, ceramic-magnet Celestion T1221 speaker. Another major comtributing factor to the distinctive sound of vintage 1974 combos is the way the original 20 watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T12221 loudspeaker’s tone has softened with age. In order to create the gorgeously smooth tone of a 35-year-old vintage Greenback, Celestion not only revisted the 1967 recipe for the speaker, they also came up with a proprietary way of “aging” the speaker so they sound and feel like the originals made in the late ’60s!

  • 20-watt, 15-ohm, mono 1×12″ cabinet
  • Designed to partner the Handwired 1974X combo
  • Exclusive, “aged” reissue of the original 20-watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T1221 12″ speaker
  • Replica of the grey and white striped “Bluesbreaker” grille cloth used on the originals
  • High-grade, Baltic birch cabinet with finger-locked joints


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