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LsL Saticoy Lolita C

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Everything about the LsL Instruments Saticoy tells you it’s inspired by the best of vintage ’50s guitars. And the beauty isn’t just skin deep: nearly every component on this instrument was built by LsL, including the neck plate, control plates, truss rod, and even the screws. The neck and body contours were shaped by hand, with CNC machining only used in areas where technical accuracy is more important than “feel.”

Featuring hand-wound pickups made by LsL, the Saticoy has the character of a vintage ’50s electric guitar. LsL founder Lance Lerman explains the sound is based on a “holy grail” guitar from 1954 that he acquired and has cherished ever since. The neck and middle pickups are low-output single-coils, while the bridge pickup single-coil is wound slightly hotter for a better sonic balance. The lower tone control affects the bridge pickup, and the middle tone control affects the middle and neck pickups.

Every inch of the LsL Instruments Saticoy has been expertly finished with a thin layer of nitrocellulose (nitro). Nitro is the material many of the original solidbody electric guitars were finished with in the 1950s. Its organic nature bonds tightly with the guitar’s wood, allowing the guitar’s components to resonate and “breathe” freely. Many believe this is an essential ingredient to wrangling the best tone possible from your instrument. And the Saticoy’s nitro finish has been slightly aged for a broken-in look.


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