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Kemper Profiler Head Black

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“Profiling” is a patented technology that captures the sound and feel of a tube amplifier.  The resulting Kemper Profiler go far beyond a list of static, digital amp models – instead, profiling creates a vivid, dynamic and multi-dimensional reproduction of your existing tube amp.

The Kemper Profiler can capture the sonic DNA of a guitar amp just pressing a single button. The best amps in the world come pre-installed, ready to bring their legendary tone and feel to your fingertips. Ready to take you on a trip of tonal bliss from metal to country.

The four stomp slots let you choose from a supreme selection of traditional drive pedals, wahs and EQs. There are world-class pitch shifters, along with more experimental effects like frequency shifters and exotic waveshapers. There is even a “Looper” performance effect for those who use our floorboard.

The Kemper Profiler Head comes with classic curves. It makes a perfect silhouette on a 4×12 cabinet. Yet it’s so light and compact that it can be taken onto a plane as hand-luggage. The footprint of the Head is tiny – perfect designed for the desk of your project studio, right beside your computer.

Technical Specifications

  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Connections: Mic input, Line input, Alternative input, Direct output,
  • Monitor output, Master output (jack and XLR), Midi in/out/thru, 2 x
  • outputs for pedals (volume, wah), USB connector and Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 396 x 214 x 165cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 6,0Kg
  • Color: Black
  • Also available in white color


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